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200% Guarantee

Our site is guaranteed safe & secure. Front Row Seats 200% Guarantee promises that you'll receive authentic tickets that are valid for entry into the event. Read more >

Free Shipping

You know we already have the best seats in the industry! Now you also get free shipping on all your orders. Choose E-Ticket, Electronic Transfer, or Instant Download. 

Price Match Guarantee

It all starts with finding the best tickets, and Front Row Seats has the best relationships. We also have the best prices in Atlanta, and across the country. We work hard to find the best seat choices at the lowest prices. If you find a lower price on tickets - we'll beat it! Read more >

No Service Fees

Front Row Seats Insiders never pay service fees. That's right, you get All-Star savings, free shpping, and no service fees!



How do I become an Insider? 
You're automatically enrolled - for free - in the Insider Rewards Program! As a member, you will receive buyer rewards, free seat upgrades, and exclusive discount codes.              
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Why do we offer these perks? 
One of our top goals at Front Row Seats is to offer great value to our customers everyday. Before we started our company 20 years ago, we became frustrated with bad customer service, dishonest brokers, and lack of accountability - which is why we created these great perks!